Akpos and his wife had a fight.
After the fight, the wife went into the
A few minutes later, Akpos also trooped
into the bedroom only to find his wife
busy packing her suitcase!
He asked: “You’re packing! Where
are you going?”
She answered: “To my mother”.
Akpos paused for a while and
also got his big brown leather suitcase and started packing his clothes.
The angry wife stared at him and
said: “You are packing! Where are you
Akpos replied: “O’h yah! I’m going to my
mother!” The wife replied,”To your mother? And
what about the 6 Children!
Who is going to look after them?”
Akpos replied,”You’re going to
your mother! I’m going to my mother.
The 6 Children should also go to their mother!