Akpos close from work on Friday and
decided to giveany lady that came his
way a lift.
After the 2nd turn from is office along
Ikorodu expressway, he saw a nun and
gave her a lift. While they were going he did not know how to start a conversation
with her, therefore, he placed his hand on
her laps pretending if it was a gear stick.
The sister softly said Mathew7;7' , he
quickly removed his hand, and resume
concentrating on his driving. He attempted it the 2nd and 3rd time, and
each time, she repeated, Mathew 7:7'.
When the nun got to her destination, she
opened the door and said to the man,
'Youngman, the problem with you is that
you don't read your Bible When akpos got home, he opened his Bible to
MATHEW 7:7 which reads "ask and it
shall be given".
Akpos nearly cried.