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Secrets husbands and wives should'nt keep from each other

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The place of transparency is missing in most relationships; you find most couples no being totally open with each other, these starts from the little white lies they tell each other to significant secrets they hide in their closets. All in all, the marriage is cast into a web of secrets which can make living together for both partners a battle on their consciences. However, in order for couples to have a healthy and intimate relationship, it's essential for them to be totally honest with each other, hence both partners should not keep these secrets from each other.

Financial Secrets

If it’s a joint account you share with your partner or you have a personal account. The way you spend money and what it’s spent on shouldn’t be something you hide from your partner.With your spouse you shouldn’t have to hide receipts, bills, etc, everything should be out in the open in order to forestall any conflicts in the future.

Health Related Secrets

Most couples, who have health issues and decide to hide the knowledge of it from their partner, sometimes feel they are actually watching out for their other half by not burdening them with their woes. However, this shouldn’t be since the essence of marriage is having someone besides you to love and support you through the good and the bad, its only natural for you to share your pain with your partner as its deepen your intimacy and strong support for each other.

Past Secrets

Whether its sexual history, family history or a history of drug Abuse. You need to come in terms with the fact that these things are all in the past and telling your partner about it doesn’t diminish the good person you are now. … _id=898472



i am nt thinking of marriage soon.
so to does pple



People are really guilty of these things
Good job @Onoriode


You are here » Naijaforum » Social life » Secrets husbands and wives should'nt keep from each other