Midlife crisis is often experienced by people between the ages of 35 and 55; obviously, this period is one's transition from being young to a full blown adult. And during this period, people suddenly discover that time is fleeting and they try, to sum up all their achievements in life and if it appears that they haven’t achieved much, feelings of depression, boredom, constant mood swings, obsession with appearances, thought of death etc. All these are things people experience while going through the midlife phase. Now, how do we deal with these issue since it can be totally inevitable, find out below…
Acknowledge the crisis

Coming to terms with the trauma you are passing through can help you find a way of getting over it easily without losing yourself in the process.
Wait before making big decisions

Before you quit your old job cos you think you’ve been at it for years without achieving a thing or making a drastic change in your looks like getting a ridiculous haircut say an afro for instance. Rein in your urges and think through your decisions for days, you don’t want to end up in a messy scenario like quitting your job without having a solid plan B or hating your new looks.
Talk about it with loved ones

Share your feelings with members of the family who are aged cos they’ve also gone through this phase before. You’ll feel considerably better after bringing your emotions to the open, secondly, you’ll be able to control your wild urges and get out of your mood swings knowing the fact that someone’s been through your condition before.
Create new goals

For instance, if your plans for retirement now seem staid, work on spicing it up by creating a new plan altogether, something that will be relaxing and that can get your juices flowing again.   

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