Dad: My Son, please buy me a soft drink.
Akpos: Coke or Pepsi?
Dad: Coke. Akpos: Diet or regular? Dad: Regular.
Akpos: Bottle or can?
Dad: Bottle.
Akpos: Litre or oz?
Dad: Oh my God!! What is it??!! Ok, Just
buy me water!
Akpos: Natural or Mineral?
Dad: Mineral.
Akpos: Hot or cold?
Dad(angry): I'm going to strike you with a broom!
Akpos: Stick broom or soft broom?
Dad: Aha!!! Just get out of here! Akpos: Now or tomorrow? Dad: Now! Akpos: Are you accompanying me or not? Dad: I will kill you!
Akpos: With knife or with gun? Dad got frustrated and fainted.