This issue of women/female pastors is a very
delicate one and I want to know something once
and for all....
Now I know views may differ but we all know the
Bible is our absolute "as Christians."
But again in this same Bible we can find some
paradoxical situations/scenarios and please before
you get me wrong, by "paradoxical" I specifically
refer to:
"A claim that two apparently contradictory ideas
are true" or.
"An unanswerable question or difficult puzzle,
particularly one which leads to a deeper truth."
I don't deal with the self-contradictory angle of
paradox here.... Just wanted to be clear on that.
Now sometimes ago, I visited this church and the
pastor that day preached like someone who was
spoiling for a fight.... Well maybe because he was
talking about women or probably it is because he
was just being passionate about his preaching.....
Whatever it was, that's not the issue.
The issue is what he preached about, "Women
pastors and the place of women in the Kingdom of
God especially in the church..."
The pastor said that any woman who is found
behind the pulpit preaching as an ordained Pastor
or preacher is in error and in total disobedience to
God's Word and because God hates disobedience,
these women will end up in hell.
Boyyy! He went on and on and even gave
scriptures which I will drop here soon.
Now my mind started to wander to all the
reputable women preachers I know.... From the
Karthryn Kuhlmans of the past to the late Bimbo
Odukoyas of the recent past and to the Arch-
Bishop Margaret Idahosa, and even Pastor Paula
White of the present.... Any for the future? (Time
will tell)
Now, The Holy scriptures in the book of
1Corinthians chapter 14 vs 34 says, "Let your
women keep silent in the churches, for they are
not permitted to speak but they are to be
submissive to, as the law also says."
Now we know it was the apostle Paul speaking
here and he went on to add in verse 35 of same
scripture, the following,
"And if they want to learn something, let them ask
their own husbands at home; for it is shameful for
a woman to speak in the church."
In verses 36, 37 and 38, Apostle Paul said strong
words which makes me ask.......
But why do we still have Highly anointed women
ministers being used by God to wrought miracles
globally and take the gospel to many?
Why isn't God limiting their power or influence if
they are to keep shut in the church? Or am I
missing something?
Okay here is another scripture about this issue:
I Timothy.2v 8-15 says a lot but I will pick the key
verses which is verses 11 and 12....
"Let a woman learn in silence with all submission.
And I do not permit a woman TO TEACH or to have
authority over a man, but to be in silence"
This was Paul writing to Timothy who was pastor
of the Ephesian church.
The scriptures above said that women are not
allowed to teach.... But then what happened in the
case of Kathryn Kuhlman?? She was mightily used
of God and taught the bible in ways that influenced
many Christians till this day........
Did God make an exception of her here? Or am I
still missing something?
We also have seen that in the same Bible that
harbors the two key scriptures above, there was a
woman named Deborah.... **quite a coincidence is
Deborah was judge over all Israel... She was a
prophetess and a Judge meaning she was spiritual
leader and Also Ruler of Israel in those days. This
could also mean that she taught the people God's
ways and we know in the new testament that a
woman is not to teach or have authority over the
Why was Deborah's case different? Even Queen
Esther is another example... She was kinda a
leader figure to her fellow Jews in her days with
Mordecai as her guardian and mentor.
She (Esther) played her role well. So well in fact
that Hamann, Israel's enemy was destroyed and
Israel saved from annihilation.
The stories of Deborah and Esther can be found in
the books of Judges chapters 4 and 5 And Esther
chapters 1 to 10.
So back to this day..... I have a question that need
an answer or answers.....
In the light of everything said here and said in the
Bible and seen in the Bible and in the light of the
fact that we have reputable and influential Women
ministers who are doing great things or who seem
to be doing great things in the world today...
Can we say that these women pastors (AKA
preachers, ministers) are safe?
Or Are Women pastors bound to go to hell
because of their "direct disobedience of the
Or does the "I will pour out my spirit upon all
flesh" part of Joel chapter 2 make them safe or
exempt them from these?
This is my question......
((((The End)))