WHICH OF THESE GIRLS IS THE GREATEST DUMB? ....Amaka: Waiter, I like my salad very hot, also can I have 2 bottles of Sharwarma? ...Tope: Ore mi give me your pin
let me call you.
....Bukola: I'm so tired I just finished making hair @ Shoprite
....Gift: Really? I want to spend my summer in London this Christmas.
....Cynthia: I just bought a BB but I haven't collected my pin. ...Tricia brags: when I'm flying, I like to sit at the window so I can open it for fresh air. .....Fatima: I prefer London to UK during winter
....Titi: you can't imagine; I just bought a G-string and the thing I love most about it is the back pocket.
....Bukola: If you don't have meat pie, egg roll or scotch-egg; give
me snacks
....Eno: In our house, we had 3
swimming pools until armed
robbers stole one. Abeg, who dumb pass???