In business, you need to realise that while you may be selling other people's product.
You still have a chance to create a name for yourself.
There are many ways to do this, some of which I will mention here.
1 Recognise your importance, and grow it. As a retailer or wholesaler, you are of major importance to the manufacturers, let them see your work and promote your work.
Now Manufacturers promote all their sellers, it is of the game, but when you know how much they value you, make it grow.
They will announce your name.
2 Kill pride, before it kills your business. Pride is one enemy of an unknown businessman.
3 Make your customers promote your work, persuade them to tell people about you and your business.
4 Advertise your work, and yes sometimes Cheap doesn't work. You have to get ready to spend big.
5 Make your business different, and special. Do What people aren't doing, partner with companies, for example you sell and make bread, then be the one to make bread with butter in it, or with a sachet of milk.
This aforementioned points can get you riding in the cloud of sucess. Why not try them now.